We believe everyone has great ideas and fascinating stories itching to get out. We also believe that crafting ideas and releasing them into the wild should be a joyful exercise of creativity. In the age of smartphones, tablets, and web connectivity, sharing thoughts is easier than ever, but getting people to listen? That’s another challenge completely. We also believe that listeners deserve to be captivated and inspired, not filled with despair at the sight of another dull presentation.

This is why we set out to create Haiku Deck, a simple way to instantly¬†unleash your ideas through beautiful decks that are as visually stunning as they are easy to create. Haiku Deck’s image search engine spurs your creativity by providing a beautiful photographic backdrop to accompany your written words. We suggest related terms to help you find the perfect image and we even let you use your own photos if that’s what you want. Haiku Deck also includes easy-to-use design filters, helping you pick the perfect look for your deck, without requiring any design skills. Our goal is to make you look your best, every time you share.

Lastly, we know that inspiration can strike any time. Wherever you feel like crafting a Haiku Deck, just pull out your iPad. And whenever you have an audience–whether it’s on the bus, at a cafe, in a conference room, in an elevator, or on a stage, your Haiku Deck is there for you.

Most presentation tools aim to pack in as many features as possible with complicated menus, toolbars, and a range of capabilities to address every possible use case. Haiku Deck is intentionally simplified. We’ve focused on making it fast and easy to create the kind of decks you share every day. Here are a few ways you can use it to set your story free. We can’t wait for you to try Haiku Deck and send us your feedback at founders@haikudeck.com.