As the year draws to a close, we’re showcasing the many amazing, inspiring decks that have been created by our community in 2013. We’ve selected ten categories, and each day beginning December 16th, we’ll reveal the five finalists in two of those categories.

Best Blogging Case Study

This year we noticed a creative explosion with bloggers, with Haiku Deck being used to add visual content to posts, highlight schedules and statistics, and enrich blogging content from a wide range of disciplines.

1. Sue Vaughton, Discovery Holiday Homes

What better way to showcase a featured vacation rental than with a gorgeous Haiku Deck slideshow? Sue Vaughton of Discovery Holiday Homes gives a tantalizing glimpse inside the Dartmoor Barn Cottage with inviting pictures of the rooms, meals, and surroundings that await visitors to South Harton Farm. She wins our hearts with the use of the high-style Iditarod theme, beautifully composed images, and polished lists of interesting factoids about the area. Realtors, hoteliers, and travel pros, take note: this is how it’s done.

Click to take a virtual tour of the Dartmoor Barn Cottage on the Discovery Holiday Homes site, and share it with the hashtag #hdbestof2013 to cast your vote for Sue’s stylish slideshow.

Best Blogging Case Study: Haiku Deck #hdbestof2013 finalists

“Dartmoor Barn Cottage,” by Sue Vaughton

2. Emma Fexeus, Emmas Designblogg

Swedish design blogger Emma Fexeus embedded Desiree Groenendal’s “The Mini Company” in her popular design blog, driving huge numbers of views, and then began creating her own Haiku Decks. We love the inventive way she’s used Haiku Deck to publish her weekly editorial schedule and her site’s statistics in a striking, visual format — and we can’t wait to see what creative uses she’ll think of next.

Click to see how Emma Fexeus plans out her blog’s recurring features with Haiku Deck, and share it with the hashtag #hdbestof2013 to cast your vote as the year’s best blogging case study.

Best Blogging Case Study: Haiku Deck #hdbestof2013 finalists

“Weekly Editorial Schedule,” by Emma Fexeus

3. Angela Booth, Angela’s Creativity Factory

Copywriter Angela Booth has been incorporating Haiku Deck into her blog in all kinds of creative ways. In this playful Haiku Deck post, she shares memorable writing tips in a way that’s lighthearted and personal. (She has also inspired her readers to create About Me slideshows and participate in the 30-day novel writing challenge via Haiku Deck.)

Click to view How to Write Anywhere, Anytime on the Creativity Factory blog, and share it with the hashtag #hdbestof2013 to cast your vote for Angela (and her dog Honey).

Best Blogging Case Study: Haiku Deck #hdbestof2013 finalists

“How To Write Anywhere, Anytime,” by Angela Booth

4. Marty Smith, ScentTrail Marketing

Over the past few months, Marty Smith has absolutely blown us away with the sheer volume of powerful, thought-provoking Haiku Decks he has produced for his marketing blog. He’s explored everything from the future of web design to how to take your LinkedIn profile to the next level, and even how to create a “live now” plan if faced with a cancer diagnosis. Here’s an amazing recent post with Haiku Decks illustrating 5 Secret Internet Marketing Tactics for 2014, Enterprise Crowdfunding, and Content Widgets. He’s even devoted a post to articulating how Haiku Deck helps him develop content: “Haiku Deck’s image focus builds magic into the PROCESS of creating a story.”

Click to view an example of how Marty brings an idea to life visually with Haiku Deck, and share it with the hashtag #hdbestof2013 to cast your vote for ScentTrail Marketing as blogging case study of the year.

Best Blogging Case Study: Haiku Deck #hdbestof2013 finalists

“Hearts & Minds,” by Martin Smith

5. Margot Lester, The Word Factory

Haiku Deck Guru Margot Lester has also been both prolific and creative with her Haiku Decks this year, informing and inspiring on topics such as connecting with your audience, incorporating customer perspectives into messaging, and developing voice. (Margot often takes advantage of the Upload to Slideshare functionality and embeds her Slideshares.) This summer over lunch, we enjoyed hearing how she’s been playing with color as a unifying theme for her creations, which makes her decks feel cohesive and distinctive.

Click to check out Margot’s 7 Strategies to Drive Relevance & Resonance on the Word Factory blog, and share it with the hashtag #hdbestof2013 to cast your vote for the year’s best blogging case study.

Best Blogging Case Study: Haiku Deck #hdbestof2013 finalists

“Engage! Driving Content Relevance,” by Margot Lester

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Tips for Blogging with Haiku Deck

Ready to create your own blogging case study? Here are a few helpful tips and resources.