As the year draws to a close, we want to acknowledge and showcase the many amazing, inspiring decks that have been created by our community in 2013. We’ve selected ten categories, and each day beginning December 16th, we’ll reveal the five finalists in two of those categories.

Best Education Case Study

Our fifth category, for best education case study, celebrates the incredible innovation we have seen in the classroom. It has been amazing to see teachers and students from all levels, from first grade up to graduate school, using the app for visual storytelling, vocabulary development, and creative expression.

1. Pat Johnson’s 1st and 2nd Grade Class

Pat Johnson’s 1st and 2nd graders (now in 2nd and 3rd grade) have used Haiku Deck to capture what they’ve learned about anacondas, showcase their artwork illustrating historical events,  and explore fractions. They used the integrated Creative Commons image search to collect pictures and facts about hummingbirds and to explore the concept of big and little. When we released charts and graphs last spring, they created graphs illustrating how many views their class decks had received.

Click to view Titanic, a collaborative collection of drawings and facts by Pat Johnson’s class, and share it with the hashtag #hdbestof2013 to cast your vote for best education case study of 2013!

Titanic – Created with Haiku Deck, presentation software that inspires

2. Show, Don’t Tell by Danielle Filas

Haiku Deck Guru Danielle Filas incorporates Haiku Decks into her teaching and posts them on her class blog so students who missed the class can catch up on the material. This witty, memorable lesson on crafting a college essay, incorporating everything from frizzy hair to a hilariously mortifying gymnastics mishap, is great for anyone tackling a piece of narrative writing.

Click to learn why the middle is a great place to start, and share it with the hashtag #hdbestof2013 to show your support for Ms. Filas’s inspired Haiku Deck teaching!

Show Don’t Tell – Created with Haiku Deck, presentation software that inspires

3. Figurative Language in Tuck Everlasting, by Terri Eichholz

Terri Eichholz breathed fresh air into a lesson she’d been teaching for years by challenging her 4th graders to select examples of figurative language from a novel and illustrate them using the Haiku Deck Creative Commons image search — genius! What’s more, she wrote up the project on her blog, so others can be inspired by the project. One quote we particularly love from her write-up: “While they were working with their partners, I heard one student say, ‘I love doing this!'”

Click to read the details on Terri’s blog, “Engage Their Minds,” and share it with the hashtag #hdbestof2013 to cast your vote for the year’s best education case study!

Best Education Case Study: Haiku Deck #hdbestof2013 finalists

“Figurative Language in Tuck Everlasting,” by Terri Eichholz

4. AP Biology Exam Power Words, by Jeremy Conn

Jeremy Conn made last year’s Best of 2013 list with his awesome Cell Membrane Bubble Lab, and this spring he demonstrated how to use Haiku Deck for vocabulary-building flash cards with a visual twist. We’ve seen some great examples of Haiku Deck for vocabulary development across grade levels and subjects, but this is one of our favorites.

Click to brush up on your scientific power words, and share it with the hashtag #hdbestof2013 to put a little voting rocket fuel behind Jeremy’s deck.

AP BIOLOGY EXAM POWER WORDS – Created with Haiku Deck, presentation software that inspires

5. Embrace the Messiness, by Tanya Sasser

We love a good education manifesto, and this bold deck by Tanya Sasser of Jacksonville State University is an awesome example. Her incredibly detailed Public Notes clearly describe her inspiration, her tools, and the process she used to set her up classroom for challenge-based learning.

Click to explore Tanya’s thoughts (inspired by a TED talk) on the skatepark as a model for 21st-century learning, and share it with the hashtag #hdbestof2013 to cast your vote for embracing the messiness!

Embrace the Messiness – Created with Haiku Deck, presentation software that inspires

Cast Your Vote!

Don’t forget to help select the winner and bring more visibility to these outstanding education case study examples by adding a comment below, sharing your favorite with the #hdbestof2013 hashtag, or dropping us a line at gallery@haikudeck.com. We’ll select one winner from each category to receive a special Haiku Deck prize (and, of course, creative bragging rights)!

Tips for Blogging with Haiku Deck

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