This week we’re announcing our #hdbestof2013 Decks of the Year winners! Thank you for all of your comments, votes, emails, and shares — and a special thank-you to the creators of these amazing and inspiring decks.

Most Inspiring Haiku Deck: “I’m Not Creative,” by Brandon George

With wit and style, Haiku Deck Guru Brandon George of Write the Good Fight spells out “14 guaranteed ways to kick creative a@$.” (Case in point: Find the time. You have 24 hours in each day. So did Picasso, Gandhi, and Einstein.) Props to Brandon for using Public Notes so effectively, rocking the chronically underused Strangelove theme, and mixing in some cool charts to drive his points home.

Click to learn how to eat doubt for breakfast and other creativity boosters, and definitely don’t miss the chance to be inspired by all five category finalists.

“I’m Not Creative” (Oh Yeah? Bull$#!%.) – Created with Haiku Deck, presentation software that inspires

P.S. If you’d like to share Brandon’s creativity boosters with a younger audience, he created a special G-rated alternate version here.