This week we’re announcing our #hdbestof2013 Decks of the Year winners! Thank you for all of your comments, votes, emails, and shares — and a special thank-you to the creators of these amazing and inspiring decks.

Pure Wow Winner: “Ink,” by Paula Guinto

This is one of those visually stunning decks that we all gathered around and ooh’d and aah’d over. Ms P, a middle school teacher a gifted storyteller, recounts the story of her first tattoo,shares her first Instagram, and, through a powerful combination of beautiful, vivid words and images, urges us all to find our storybelieve in it, and honor it. The huge number of votes and social shares Paula’s deck received during the contest is evidence that her story resonated with our community, as well.

Click to be wowed by Paula’s story, and be sure to check out the other “pure wow” finalists in this very difficult to judge category, who created truly awe-inspiring pieces on visual storytelling, the power of play, global travel, and the new mindset for education.

Ink: On Celebrating Our Stories 3.0 – Created with Haiku Deck, presentation software that inspires
“Ink,” by Paula Guinto[/caption]