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Resizing Images

One of the most magical features of Haiku Deck is the built-in image search, which puts millions of beautiful, free (yes, free!), high-quality presentation images at your fingertips. And of course, you can also snap or import your own photos for a personal touch. Our selection of professionally designed text layouts make it easy to position your header and subheader lines so that your text doesn’t cover up the graffiti tag or vintage Phillies ball cap that perfectly illustrates your point, but when you just need more control, in Haiku Deck for iPhone and iPad you can crop and reposition your images, right from the app.

How to Crop and Resize Images

1. Tap the blue Image icon, then select an image using IMAGE SEARCH  or IMPORT.

2. On iPad and iPhone in the PREVIEW pane, simply use your fingers to pinch and move the image, then release to lock it in position. On the web, you’ll see a little zoom slider that lets you drag up to zoom in and down to zoom out. You’ll also see a square control box to reposition your image left/right/up/and down.

Resizing presentation images in Haiku Deck

Haiku Deck for iPad: Resizing an image

Tips for Working with Images

1. If you’re trying to zoom in on an image and it snaps back to its original position, this means the file is not big enough to zoom. (Power tip: Try holding the image where you want it and tapping DONE with your other hand to freeze it in place.)

2. If you’re importing your own images into Haiku Deck, the total image size is 1124 x 768, but the visible image is 1024×768.  Here’s where it gets a little tricky. You want the visible part of your image centered horizontally with 50px on the left and right side of the total image. This  extra 50 pixels on each side allows for the cool parallax effect that appears when you swipe to advance your slides in playback mode on your iPad. See image below:

Center your Pictureon background that is 1124x768leaving 50px on left and right(shown here as red)

3. For power tips on selecting perfect Haiku Deck presentation images, be sure to check this out.

What else would you like to know about Haiku Deck images? Let us know in the comments!



  1. I am having an EXTREMELY frustrating problem with resize: for some reason the program focuses too closely (i.e., leaving borders of the picture out). In order to bring the picture inside the frame, I TRY to pinch. The representation of the picture n the window pinches with my fingers, but as soon as my fingers leave the screen, it snaps back to its original size.

    Notice that in this case is NOT lack of resolution (I’ve done this with both HUGE sizes and small ones). Further, what I am trying to do is to CONDENSE the picture, not to expand it, thus resolution shouldn’t be a problem.

    Th e picture was exported from Omnigraffles as both PNG and JPG. No difference.

    Any ideas? Needless to say, tjhis happens after HOUS spent in a presentation… 🙁

    • Hi Carlos, I’m so sorry to hear that you’re running into that resizing issue with your pictures! I’ve been in that situation too and found it a little confusing.

      The good news is, if you resize to where you like how it looks on the screen, then before you release the pinched image, tap “Done” with a third finger. If you tap “Done” while you’re still pinching, whatever is showing on the preview screen should be reflected on your slide.

      I hope that helps!

      • I’ve tried this solution with images of multiple resolutions, but no success. Even if the image is small (240 x 100 px logo) Haiku Deck still uses it as background image. I can resize using the two-hand technique, but when I go back to re-edit the slide, the image goes back to larger size. Adding a logo to the first slide has been extremely frustrating.

        • Ferdinand, really sorry we missed your response earlier. And especially sorry to hear that you’ve been so frustrated. What I have done in a case like this is to actually use a different program to create my cover (logo) slide, and then import that image into Haiku Deck. We’re definitely exploring ways to make this easier in the future.

  2. Hello,
    I have chosen an original Haiku Deck picture (i.e. not imported). In the Preview I can move/scale it where I want and I can lock into place by pressing Done. But when I finish, and return to the slide function, the image rotates 90 degrees. No idea why this is happening.

    • Hi Ryan-
      Sorry that is happening. Very rarely, this happens with Flickr images that we access through our keyword search. You can try moving/scaling it and pressing DONE with the other hand to lock it in place, or just selecting another image. We’re trying to get to the bottom of why this happens, but it shouldn’t happen often. Cheers, Catherine from Haiku Deck

  3. I have the same issue. I’d like to add a small image to part of a slide, not a full page background image – no success. I’d appreciate tips on how to add an image that is shown only on, for example, 20% of the slide?

    • Hi Lori – We are always trying to strike the right balance between simplicity and functionality, and this is a feature we’ll consider for a future release. In this case, the best workaround might be to create your custom image using another program and then import it to Haiku Deck to use as your background.

      • I used one of your images and it is importing it sideways. How would I fix this problem?

        • Hi Jean, sorry about that. A small percentage of the time, images that you find in the app are mis-tagged in such a way that that they import at 90 degree angle. Though we’re working to better manage this, the only solution right now is to use a 3rd party app to rotate the image or simply choose a different image. Very sorry for the inconvenience, Jean!

  4. When it inserts some pictures, it will flip them sideways. How do I flip them back?

  5. Another quick question please. I am having problems getting my logo image to fit. I have used 600 px and it doesn’t fit in the circle. I have resized to as small as 100 and it is still too large. How do I minimize to fit properly. Thank you.

    • Hi Jean,

      Sorry this is confusing. There’s a couple of ways to use your logo in Haiku Deck.

      1) The logo slide type is available as part of Haiku Deck Public (the free product) and Haiku Deck Pro. Find this under the red Tt button. Recommended dimensions is 600x600px. Have your logo fit nicely within this square. Best to leave a little buffer to account for the way the circle cuts off the corners.

      2) The logo upload as part of Haiku Deck Pro. If you’re a paid subscriber, look for this under the shield icon in the top right corner of the editor. When you upload a logo in this spot, it will appear in place of our logo on the last slide when you show your deck on iPad and/or at the top of the player when you show your deck via a web browser.

      For fastest, best service, best to leave questions/concerns via our support ticketing system:

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