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Haiku Deck Help: Exporting to PowerPoint or Keynote

From Haiku Deck to PowerPoint

We’ve worked hard to make it easy to share your Haiku Decks any way you want, on any device–from your iPad to your laptop to your smartphone. Though there are many advantages to Haiku Deck’s mobile-friendly and lightweight HTML 5 capabilities and our Web App, we understand that sometimes you need to share via more traditional means. Other popular reasons for exporting to PowerPoint or Keynote include embedding video, adding presenter notes, or turning the file into an iMovie with an audio soundtrack, like this. In addition, you can always use Haiku Deck to prep then export to PowerPoint to add the finishing touches, like Kent Gustavson’s talk for TedxSBU.

You can export to the .pptx format right from the Haiku Deck iPad App or the Web App, and open the files using more recent editions of Microsoft PowerPoint and Apple Keynote.

Haiku Deck Help: Exporting to Powerpoint or Keynote for a live presentation

Haiku Deck on Center Stage

To learn how to export your Haiku Deck to PowerPoint, Keynote, or SlideShare, visit this article in the Haiku Deck user guide.

Advanced Tips and Troubleshooting (iPad)

1. If you have Keynote for iPad installed, you can open the file right on your iPad. Simply email the file to yourself, then press and hold it until a popup appears, and choose Open in Keynote. You can also use this method to save your export to Dropbox, Google Drive, or Evernote.

Saving a Haiku Deck export to Keynote, Dropbox, Google Drive, or Evernote

Haiku Deck for iPad: Opening a .pptx attachment with Keynote, Dropbox, Google Drive, or Evernote

2. Beginning with Haiku Deck 2.0, publishing to the web is required before exporting. There are many benefits to doing this, including making your deck viewable on any web-enabled device, tracking views, and the ability to download a PDF version. Remember that with the in-app privacy settings, you have complete control over who views your deck. Read more about how the Haiku Deck iPad App and website work together here.

3. Occasionally, Haiku Deck for iPad creates a deck that’s too large to email, and you’ll need to manually retrieve it from iTunes. You can find detailed instructions for doing so here.

4. Once you export, the text and images you created in Haiku Deck will no longer be editable.  (You can, of course, always make edits in Haiku Deck and re-export.)

5. Any Creative Commons photo credits will be automatically pulled in to the bottom of each slide.

6. If the app is crashing when you’re exporting to PowerPoint or Keynote, and your deck’s title has a backslash (/) in it, try to change the title of your deck and remove the backslash. We have more detailed information on what to do when the app is crashing during export here.

7. PowerPoint files exported from Haiku Deck for iPad are made for the newest versions of PowerPoint. These “.pptx” files will only work in PowerPoint 2010 or later and are not compatible in earlier versions where those files ended with “.ppt”. To fix this, try to edit the file name to see if your version of PowerPoint will open it.

8. If you are working on the Haiku Deck Web App, we have steps on how to export to PowerPoint or Keynote here.

If you have additional questions about exporting, please visit our Customer Support page.


Presentations Online: How the Haiku Deck iPad App and Website Work Together

Stunning presentations online and on your tablet: The two parts of the Haiku Deck experience—the iPad app and the website—go together like sushi and sake, like Sonny and Cher, like…–website-go-together-like

(OK, perhaps we need a snack. Moving on…)

You can certainly create a Haiku Deck right on your iPad and show it off the same way over a power lunch or in a plane, but from our perspective, your Haiku Deck is not experiencing its full glory until you’ve completed these three steps. (Note: For a completely contained web experience, be sure to give our Web App a try.)

Step 1: Create

If you’re on the go or feeling spontaneous, you can exercise your creative genius on the Haiku Deck iPad App. We’ve put a lot of thought into how to make this experience feel fluid and magical, through the dynamic image search and interfaces that keep typing to an absolute minimum. Instead of being chained to your desk to “work” on a presentation, you can “play” with your Haiku Deck whenever and wherever inspiration strikes–curled up on the couch, on the subway, over a cappuccino. (Tip: If you need more help with creating or editing a Haiku Deck, start with the Haiku Deck Tutorial.)

With the Haiku Deck Web App, you can also start a deck at your computer. This is particularly handy if you have images stored on your computer that you’d like to import, or if you’d like to include Notes and prefer to type on a full-sized keyboard.

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Notes: An Easy Way To Make Your Haiku Decks More Awesome

Note: This post has been updated to reflect the new publishing flow in Haiku Deck 2.0, which affects how you view your deck online to create Notes. If you haven’t updated your app, please be sure to do that here.

As a Haiku Deck user, you’re already on the leading edge of awesomeness. But we all know there’s always a way to be thatmuchmore awesome, so we want to be sure you know about a quick way to take your Haiku Decks to the next level of awesome: add Notes to the web view of your deck.

If you’ve ever felt like you can’t quite fit what you want to say on a Haiku Deck slide, or if you’d like to try a ridiculously easy way to incorporate best practices into your presentations, trust us–you will love this.

3 Reasons to Add Notes to Your Haiku Deck

1. Add Helpful Detail: Haiku Deck focuses your message by limiting the text on each slide, but if more detail or supplemental resources would add value, Notes gives you a place to do it. Here’s an example of a great Haiku Deck made exponentially more awesome with Notes (props to Bill Risser of Phoenix):

Facebook Friend Lists: Sample Haiku Deck with Notes

Click to view the full Haiku Deck with Notes (and pick up some great Facebook tips, too)

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23 Ways to Share Your Haiku Deck

So you’ve created an amazing Haiku Deck, something you’re proud of. Something you want to show to anyone and everyone, including the innocent bystander standing next to you on the subway platform. Well, we agree. It’s time to set your beautiful story free! And there are so many ways to do it, both straight from the app on your iPad or from the Haiku Deck website. Here’s how!

Sharing from the app

1. Play your deck directly from your iPad, the modern and engaging way to pitch to a small group. And with the parallax effect at work, advancing your slides has never been sexier.

2. Connect your iPad directly to a projector for a “1: many” talk, either through a direct connection with an iPad VGA adaptor.


3. with Apple TV via Airplay. For more on how to do this, check out this post.

4. Email your deck to yourself. Doing this generates a very useful web link. By clicking through this link, you will be magically transported to your gallery on the website, where you can add notes, set your privacy, see how many views you’re generating, or get selected for our Gallery or one of our highly prestigious Pinterest boards…must we go on?

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