We are thrilled to hear how many of you want to share your Haiku Deck creations on your own personal and professional blogs. Decks are a great addition to any blog post, be it to better illustrate a topic or event, to add some visual flare to a project, or just to spread some Haiku Deck love. Embedding any published deck from your gallery on the website is simple.

Here’s a deck we put together with the steps you’ll want to follow to embed your one of your decks on your blog or website:

If you run into trouble or want more details, you can check out our user guide article about embedding, which includes a link at the bottom to our embed troubleshooting article at the bottom.

When you publish your post, the code you pasted will magically transform into your deck for all your viewers to click through and view, just like this one:

The Visual Gems Of Haiku Deck – Created with Haiku Deck, presentation software that inspires;

Now, get blogging!