We love hearing about why and how people are using Haiku Deck, but it’s also incredibly helpful to hear the reasons why they’re not. Some things people are asking for are in the plans (we hear you, Android users!), but other things we can address, well, now. So please read on if you’ve ever thought or heard these words: “Haiku Deck looks cool, but….

1. “I’m Not Giving a Presentation Anytime Soon.”

Haiku Deck isn’t just for “real” presentations. You can use Haiku Deck to add rich content to your blog, make a memorable list, send a personal message, recap a favorite book, capture sound bites from an event, or just be creative and have fun. We continue to be inspired by all the amazing ways our community is using Haiku Deck every day.

2. “My Presentation Is Super Data Heavy.”

No problem. You can now easily create your own charts and graphs on Haiku Deck for iPad or pull in your own images and screenshots. With Haiku Deck, you can tell the story behind your numbers in a creative and engaging way, and your audience will be sure to give the hard data their full attention. For a little inspiration, be sure to check out our Charts and Graphs Pinterest board.

Haiku Deck Help: Sample Haiku Deck bar chart

Haiku Deck for iPad: Sample chart created with Haiku Deck


Haiku Deck help: Importing a data-rich image

Using an imported data-rich image

3. “I need more space for my text.”

You probably have too much text! The best way to keep your audience’s attention and interest is to provide clean, clear, and easy to follow visuals. Try stripping your text down to one idea per slide and using the Notes feature to add more detail, or use the multiline text layouts to express your idea.

4. “But if I do one idea per slide, there will be too many slides.”

This is not what you should be worrying about. Your presentation will be much stronger with one idea per slide. By not overwhelming any of your slides with a bunch of text, you’re much more likely to keep your audience engaged throughout the entire presentation.

5. “I need to include a video.”

Leave a placeholder slide in your deck for your video. Then export your deck to Powerpoint or Keynote and pull it right in. See step-by-step help and examples on our blog.

6. “I can’t give a presentation without speaker notes and a clicker.”

No problem. Give the Private Notes feature a try (iPad only), or export your deck to Powerpoint or Keynote or use Slideshark. You can also use Keynote for iPad, and your iPhone as a remote!

7. “I need to use a corporate template.”

Try pulling in the template for just your cover slide instead of every one. That way you can headline with your corporate identity, but still craft a standout slideshow. If you need the template for every slide, you can upload screenshots to use as your background images, giving you all the benefits of portability and easy embedding and sharing. Here’s an example of a user doing just that:

Meet Hello Holiday! – Created with Haiku Deck, presentation software that inspires;

8. “It’s not available for my PC / Mac.”

Great news! Our Haiku Deck Web App is compatible with Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Internet Explorer, opening it up to most computers on the web. Holding out for a specific platform? Let us know, and we’ll be sure to keep you posted.

More Haiku Deck Help

What else is keeping you from setting your story free? Let us know! We’re always here to help.