We’ve viewed thousands upon thousands of Haiku Decks these past few months and loved each one, but a particularly striking one by Uprise Art recently caught our eye. We reached out to founder and entrepreneur Tze Chun to hear how Haiku Deck has played a role in her startup’s success.

Q&A with Entrepreneur Tze Chun

Haiku Deck: How are you using Haiku Deck in your business?

Tze: Uprise Art is an art collectors club, and we regularly host art events for our members. Haiku Deck is a great way for us to showcase the exciting artwork in our online gallery and create simple and elegant slides. I speak about art entrepreneurship fairly often as well, and have used Haiku Deck for “Art Collection 101” talks and presentations on Uprise Art.

Haiku Deck: What inspired you to start using it?

Tze: My boyfriend sent me your teaser video after seeing me struggle with slow programs on my laptop computer. Now, I use my iPad and create my Haiku Decks on the go. Literally, sometimes on the NYC subway.

Haiku Deck: How has it changed your experience of creating and sharing presentations?

Tze: As an entrepreneur, I’m constantly short on time. Unfortunately, I’m also a perfectionist. Haiku Deck enables me to make dynamic, clear, and properly aligned presentations efficiently. It’s also great to one-touch share the deck and know that I can always access it in the cloud when I arrive at my destination or conference.

Haiku Deck: What kind of response are you getting?

Tze: People think we have an in-house designer!

Haiku Deck: What’s on your Haiku Deck wish list?

Tze: Bullet points  — I love the simplicity and appreciate that there are only a few text options; however, in some cases I’d like to have the option to present a short list. (Note: Tze’s wish came true in Haiku Deck 2.0! Read more about lists the Haiku Deck way here.)

Here is the Haiku Deck that Tze used to (successfully) pitch her business for the highly competitive InSITE  fall mentorship program:

INSITE – Created with Haiku Deck, presentation software that inspires

Uprise Art has been featured in Huffington Post and recently won a Start Small, Go Big award from Daily Candy.

Congratulations Tze, and keep those artistic Haiku Decks coming!

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