Haiku Deck Builds Suite of Mobile-First Presentation Tools with New iPhone App

Seattle startup continues to push productivity paradigm forward, with expanded opportunities for mobile presentation creation, editing, viewing, and sharing

Seattle, WA — February 13, 2014 — Haiku Deck today announced the release of an iPhone app to round out its offering of presentation tools for the mobile age. The new iPhone app works flexibly with Haiku Deck for iPad and the Haiku Deck Web App Beta, opening up powerful new options for browsing, viewing, and presenting — and even turning the iPhone into a remote — on the go.

Announcing Haiku Deck for iPhone – Created with Haiku Deck, presentation software that inspires

Mobile traffic to the Haiku Deck website has skyrocketed–iPhone visits in Q4 increased by a factor of 18 compared to the same period in 2012, reflecting a broader industry trend. And with more and more Haiku Decks being shared and viewed on small screens, Haiku Deck for iPhone offers a mobile-optimized display of its signature image-rich, minimal-text decks.

For the global community of Haiku Deck users, the iPhone App also delivers expanded flexibility for viewing and presenting, with the ability to download decks for offline viewing or spontaneous pitching in a taxi, plane, or Wifi-strained conference venue. Those giving live talks can present their Haiku Decks using the iPhone as a remote control — a feature frequently requested by conference presenters and tech-savvy trainers and teachers alike.

Mobile-first presentation tools: Using Haiku Deck for iPhone as a personal teleprompter

Using iPhone as a remote and personal teleprompter

“Our goal was to make Haiku Deck for iPhone optimized for all aspects of our customers’ mobile lifestyle,” said Kevin Leneway, Haiku Deck’s co-founder and CTO. “Rather than squeeze an iPad app into a 3” screen, we thought deeply about how to make an awesome iPhone experience from the ground up.”

“Our goal was to make Haiku Deck for iPhone optimized for all aspects of our customers’ mobile lifestyle.”

With more than a million presentations spanning topics from social media storytelling to common core educational standards — and visits to its Featured and Popular Galleries growing at a steady clip — Haiku Deck for iPhone also offers a portable, convenient way to flip through each week’s best examples for inspiration and ideas.

Mobile-first presentation tools: Browsing Gallery in Haiku Deck for iPhone

Browsing the Featured Gallery with Haiku Deck for iPhone

Gallery browsing in the iPhone App plants the seeds for creating new Haiku Decks, functionality available now on iPad and in the Web App Beta and coming soon — with features tailored to the smaller, more portable form factor — to iPhone.

Haiku Deck has demonstrated strong momentum since its launch in August 2012 — the iPad app, now available in 8 languages, has been downloaded close to a million times and has ranked #1 in productivity in more than 40 countries worldwide. The Haiku Deck Web App Beta, launched in November 2013, makes deck creation and editing available to anyone with a browser. These innovative, mobile-first presentation tools are designed to work flexibly, alone or in concert, and with the new iPhone App for a seamless, cross-device experience.

Mobile Traffic Trends – Created with Haiku Deck, presentation software that inspires
“Everyone has a great story to tell, lesson to teach, product to sell, or idea to share,” said Adam Tratt, co-founder and CEO. “Haiku Deck for iPhone is a natural extension of our goal to make it awesome to both create and consume presentations, in an age when mobile devices play a central role in how we work, teach, and learn.”

“Everyone has a great story to tell, lesson to teach, product to sell, or idea to share.”

Haiku Deck for iPhone is available for free in the iTunes App Store.

About Haiku Deck

Haiku Deck creates presentation tools for the mobile age, making it simple to create and share inspiring presentations on any device. Headquartered in Seattle’s Fremont neighborhood, Haiku Deck is a privately held company with the backing of prominent investors, including Trilogy Partnership, Madrona Venture Group, Founder’s Co-op, and Techstars. The Seattle-based startup was founded by Adam Tratt and Kevin Leneway.

Haiku Deck has been embraced by creative communicators from a wide range of disciplines worldwide; to see how people are using Haiku Deck to pitch ideas, teach lessons, tell stories, and ignite movements, visit the Haiku Deck Featured and Popular Galleries, Blog, Facebook page, Twitter feed, and Pinterest boards. For additional information and company images, visit

Media Contact
Nicole Brunet

Random Acts of Kindness, Haiku Deck Style

Random Acts of Kindness Week

It’s Random Acts of Kindness Week, and to celebrate, we’re giving away free premium themes all week long!

We’re making two random premium themes available for free each day. Just open Haiku Deck on your iPad, tap any deck to enter Edit mode, and pull down the THEMES handle at the top center. Tap on the themes to discover which ones  are set to $0.00, then tap BUY. And be sure to visit each day to unlock new themes! (Note: Premium themes aren’t available quite yet in the Web App, but we’re working on it!)

Random Acts of Kindness Haiku Deck Challenge

The world can always use more acts of kindness, so make sure to spread the word. With the fancy new fonts and image filters you get with your premium themes, you can create a single slide or even a whole deck if you feel inspired to celebrate random acts of kindness.

Here are a few fun ways you can celebrate random acts of kindness:

Random Acts Of Kindness – Created with Haiku Deck, presentation software that inspires

Tweet your Random Acts of Kindness Haiku Decks and slides to @haikudeck with the hashtag #hdrakweek. We’ll be adding them to our Random Acts of Kindness Week 2014 Pinterest Board to keep the positive energy flowing.

We hope you enjoy the free premium themes — and we have another fun surprise coming up on Thursday, so stay tuned!


Announcing Haiku Deck 2.4!

New for 2014!

Exciting news, Haiku Deck fans! Haiku Deck 2.4 is now available in iTunes!

New Multiline Slide Type!

If–like many–you occasionally need just a bit more text on your beautiful Haiku Deck slides, your wish has come true!

The multiline slide type is ideal for those times when your presentation calls for a quote, a pithy paragraph, or simply a slightly longer bit of text that you’d like to include in a uniform font size.

Haiku Deck 2.4: New multiline silde type

Sample multiline slide in Haiku Deck 2.4

New Font Color Options!

You can also now change your font color to black (with or without a translucent white text screen) for high-impact slides like these:

Haiku Deck 2.4: New font color options

Haiku Deck 2.4: New font color options

New Text and Image Layouts!

Even better, you can mix things up with cool new text and image layouts like these:

Haiku Deck 2.4: New text and image layouts

Cinematic theme with right justified text

Haiku Deck 2.4: New text and image layouts

Picaresque theme with centered left text block

Haiku Deck 2.4: New text and image layouts

Volterra theme with black text and white screen

Read more and get step-by-step instructions in New Text and Layout Options.

New Languages!

You already know that Haiku Deck is more than an app; it’s a movement! Our amazing creative community circles the globe, and we are delighted to now offer our free iPad app in eight languages: English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, and Simplified Chinese. Check out what Haiku Deck fans have to say in all of these languages (and see a whole deck using the new multiline slide type) here:

Haiku Deck 2.4: New support for 8 languages

Click to view the full Haiku Deck with Notes

New In-App Support!

As you use Haiku Deck, you may get a popup asking whether you are loving your experience. If you are having any issues at all, you can now let us know right from the app, and our amazing support team will help you out as soon as they possibly can (really). And if you are loving Haiku Deck (and with all these new goodies, we hope you will love it even more), you can now easily rate or review the app right from your iPad. For a small company like ours, every one really does make a huge difference!

We can’t wait to hear what you think about — and see how you use — Haiku Deck 2.4! Send your creations to, or let us know your favorite features in the comments.






New Text and Layout Options

When we did our user survey last fall, one thing we heard frequently was that you love Haiku Deck, but there are times when you just need a little more control over how the text appears on your slides. Some of you wanted to be able to include a bit more text. Others wanted to change the font color. Many wanted new layout options and more control over where text is placed on the slide, or the ability to show text and image side by side.

Great news! Haiku Deck 2.4 and the latest update to the Web App Beta makes all of these things possible. If you’ve ever felt a bit too constrained by the two-line format, you’ll definitely want to give the new version of the iPad app a try or sign into and start a new deck.

Here’s how to make use of these powerful new text layout options.

How To Create a Multiline Slide

Select the orange Text icon, then the Multiline Slide type.

Layout options in Haiku Deck 2.4: Multiline slide type

Select the orange Text icon, then Multiline Slide

Simply tap and start typing. Your text will automatically wrap from line to line, maintaining a uniform font size for your entire block of text.

You can also tap RETURN any time to control where a line breaks.

Tip: Solid-color backgrounds can really make multiline slides pop!

How To Adjust Text Background and Font Color

As you type your text, you’ll notice some new editing options at the top of your keyboard if you’re using the iPad app.

Layout options in Haiku Deck 2.4: Text background

White font; text background on

From here you can turn your text background on and off and select white or black font (iPad only right now, but we’re working on it!).

Layout options in Haiku Deck 2.4: Text background

White font; text background off

Tip: If you use a photo background, the text background is often helpful for legibility. Be sure to choose an image that reads clearly, even with the text background on.

Layout options in Haiku Deck 2.4: font color

Black font; text background on

Tip: You can turn the auto-capitalization off (for a mix of uppercase and lowercase) from the Settings gear on the Main Screen of the iPad app.

How To Align Your Text (iPad only)

You can also choose left, centered, right, or full justification, right above the keyboard.

Layout options in Haiku Deck 2.4: Justification

Right justification

How To Control Text Placement

Select the green Layout icon, then the slide layout of your choice. You can center your text block vertically or place it at the top, middle, or bottom of the slide.

Tip: You can also adjust the text background from this screen.

Layout options in Haiku Deck 2.4: Text placement

Select the green Layout icon, then a slide layout

To try a side-by-side layout, select one of the small text blocks. You can place your text block top left, center left, bottom left, top right, center right, or center bottom.

Tip: Some themes can accommodate more characters on a line than others — if you’re using the small text blocks, Volterra, Underdog, and Tabletop are particularly good choices. Read more about themes in Presentation Templates with Pizzazz.

Layout options in Haiku Deck 2.4: Image and text side by side

White font without text screen; right-justified small text block

Tip: Be sure to play with both text alignment (justification) and layout (text block placement) to explore the full range of options and looks. You may need to toggle between the orange Text icon and the green Layout icon to experiment.

Power Tips

Watch: Haiku Deck’s CEO on HuffPost Live

How does our co-founder and CEO Adam Tratt explain what Haiku Deck is all about in just a few minutes?

He recently chatted on HuffPost Live with host Mike Sacks who — like most of us, let’s face it — has had to sit through “countless mind-numbing presentations.”

Adam: “The process of creating slide decks is often so dreadful.”

Mike: “It’s awful! It’s totally dreadful!”

In this short HuffPost Live video interview, Adam shares four best practices in presentation design that have shaped Haiku Deck, and his thoughts on why most  presentation tools don’t set people up for success.

Another great quote from Adam: “The way I see it, the most wonderful thing we get to do as humans is tell a story or share an idea. And isn’t it a shame when you sit in front of one of those tools, and it feels like this soul-sucking experience.”

“The way I see it, the most wonderful thing we get to do as humans is tell a story or share an idea.”

P.S. We showcase exactly these kinds of wonderful stories and ideas in our Gallery each week.

More Web App Launch Coverage

The HuffPost chat was only one of a few amazing pieces of press coverage for our recent Web App launch — many thanks to all who took the time to try out the Web App and share the story!

Read even more coverage of Haiku Deck on our Reviews page.

Haiku Deck for Desktop: Announcing the Haiku Deck Web App Beta

It’s been a whirlwind year for us, culminating this month in a new product development that we are so excited to share with you, our amazing creative community, before anyone else.

Haiku Deck Web App Launch – Created with Haiku Deck, presentation software that inspires

Ever since we launched Haiku Deck for iPad, the most common question we hear from you is, “When can I use Haiku Deck on my computer? When will there be Haiku Deck for desktops, PCs, and Macs?

And the answer is: Now! Haiku Deck Web App Beta is available now for all Haiku Deck account holders!

Here’s everything you need to get started:

We’re calling this Haiku Deck Web App “Beta” because we’re still working hard to make it as full-featured as Haiku Deck for iPad. Each week we’ll be adding new functionality to the Web App, and we really appreciate your patience as we continue to improve it. We’ve included a Feedback button in the app so you can help us identify issues and share your thoughts.

As a special thank you for joining us early, we’ve also built a way for you to invite your friends to the Beta before it becomes available to everybody. To earn invites for your friends, simply use the Web App to create and share decks. Each deck you email, post, or embed earns you an exclusive invite code you can share. (New users can also request an invite to the private beta.)

Thanks again for helping us to fill the world with more amazing stories and beautiful ideas. We wouldn’t be here without the amazing support and invaluable feedback of our community. We are grateful for your help in trying out the Web App and sharing with friends, and as always, you can drop us a note with feedback any time.

P.S. A special Hai-5 to those who’ve been helping us test the Web App over the past few weeks!

Gratitude is Our Attitude

Ahh, November. The time of year to reflect on things we’re grateful for, score some fun Haiku Deck goodies (keep reading!), and, for those of us inclined, grow magnificent mustaches for charity. (This “Movember ‘Stache Facts” Haiku Deck from Centurion Signs UK is definitely worth checking out.)

At the moment our team is feeling pretty darn grateful for our new office, where we can stretch out a bit and CRANK without incessant leafblowing, afternoon stuffiness, or the lingering aroma of canned fish. Yes, this stuff comes with the territory when you’re a startup, and we didn’t let it distract us from our mission, but still, the change of scenery is really nice.

Gratitude: Our New Headquarters

We are especially grateful for youour incredible creative community, and for every encouraging word, tweet, post, and mention. We are grateful every time you open Haiku Deck to express an idea, share your vision, or make something you need to communicate visual, magical, and memorable.

This week we’ve been creating fun Haiku Decks to share our moments of gratitude — here’s a lighthearted one from Nicka more heartfelt one from Joe, and a short, sweet slide from CatherineNow we’d like to invite you to add your moments, so we can build an epic, collaborative collage of gratitude.

Thankfully… – Created with Haiku Deck, presentation software that inspires

If everyone who reads this could create just one Haiku Deck slide capturing something you’re grateful for, just think how much positive energy would be unleashed into the world! You can mail your slide (or a whole deck if you feel inspired) to, or you can tweet it, post it, or pin it with the hashtag #hdgratitude. We’ll be collecting your moments of gratitude until the end of November, and we do have some special Haiku Deck goodies up our sleeves for those wow us.

Sowhat are you grateful for? Tell us in a Haiku Deck slide!

Our Community Has Spoken!

We are 100% committed to making Haiku Deck increasingly awesome for you, and our recent user experience survey was a powerful inspiration boost. Most things didn’t surprise us, but a few did! Here’s a quick recap of what we learned, and what we have planned.

Hidden Haiku Deck Features

We read every single comment (really!), and there are some features you were wishing for that we actually already offer! {Poof, your wish is our command!}

  • Change slide order: Just press on a slide for a second, and then drag it to its new spot.
  • Turn off paid images: From the iPad App main screen, tap the Settings gear (bottom right), then adjust the Show Premium Images? setting.
  • Adjust capitalization: From the iPad App main screen, tap the Settings gear (bottom right), then adjust the Use Auto-Capitalization? setting. {Coming soon to Web App!}
  • Copy and modify a Haiku Deck: From the iPad App Main Screen, press and hold any deck to copy it. {Coming soon to Web App!}

Working Across Platforms

Many of you asked for the ability to create and edit on your Mac or PC, and very soon, you’ll be able to do just that. Find out why we’re creating a Haiku Deck Web App, and stay tuned for the official release!

With our next iPad App release, you’ll also be able to edit Haiku Decks you created online or on a different iPad. Trust us – we’re as excited about this as you are!

Coming Soon!

We heard loud and clear that although you love the simplicity of Haiku Deck, sometimes you need to include a bit more information. Our amazing iOS dev team is cooking up more exciting text options while still keeping the experience true to our philosophy of simple, beautiful, and fun. You can let us know which text options are most important to you here.

Other popular requests are more image and media options and faster editing, and we are thinking hard about ways to deliver those things (as well as some exciting new things that will surprise and delight you).

Cool Stuff We Learned

  • More than half of you are extremely likely to recommend Haiku Deck to a friend or colleague (WOW!)
  • 70% of you use Haiku Deck once a month or more
  • A whopping 86% of you use Haiku Deck because you like the way the slides look. The next most popular reasons are that it’s simple and the killer Creative Commons image search.
  • Haiku Deck is particularly popular with entrepreneursconsultants, and educators. We also heard about Haiku Deck being used for creative briefs, sermons, and project management. Hai-5 for all the ways you use Haiku Deck, and please let us know if you have a success story you’d like to share!

Here’s a Haiku Deck summary of the results and a few of our favorite comments. (Also a little inspiration for the next time you need to present data.)

What’s on your Haiku Deck wish list? You can always tell us here.

As always, thank you so much for being part of our amazing creative community. We’re listening!

Need a SlideRocket Alternative? We’re here for you!

It’s official: SlideRocket will be shut down on December 31, 2013. We admire a lot of things about SlideRocket and have even had some inspiring conversations with the founder about his vision and his journey.

We’ve  seen a lot of tweets and posts about users who feel let down, frustrated, and disappointed — and looking for a SlideRocket alternative.

SlideRocket presenters, entrepreneurs, educators, and creative communicators, we invite you to join our vibrant, growing community!  Here are some cool things you can do with Haiku Deck that you might appreciate:

If we can answer any questions or help with your transition, we’re here to help!



Announcing Haiku Deck for iPad with iOS 7 Support

Haiku Deck + iOS 7

The breakthrough iOS 7 rolls out today for iPhone and iPad, and we have worked hard to be among the first iPad Apps to incorporate the new look and feel. Here’s a rundown of what’s new in Haiku Deck for iPad v. 2.2!

Redesigned for iOS 7

We’ve redesigned the app from the ground up to take full advantage of the breakthrough style and technology of iOS 7. The newest version of iOS, with its focus on simplicity, clarity, and efficiency, now informs the look and feel of Haiku Deck, from the new app icon to the parallax effect on the app’s main screen, which offers a whole new experience of depth when you tilt your iPad.

Haiku Deck for iOS 7: New app icon to match look and feel of iOS 7

The new Haiku Deck app icon incorporates the look and feel of iOS 7

Continue reading

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