Why Haiku Deck for the Web?

Haiku Deck Web App

You say it the best! Here’s why the most recent beta invite requesters want the Haiku Deck Web App.

ipad friendly
Awesome app!
Nick Armstrong
I’m a pres designer so I love new ways to create!
Use it to present strategic plans for clients
Build support for projects at work
Storyboard for videos/docu/movies 1
would be very useful.
Just starting law school
I saw you on mashable
thesis defense? maybe?
Share with teachers in college
Erin Michael Vondrak invited us
Create presentations on a PC
Help my kindergarteners create decks.
I am a designer and have clients who work with HD
have students create haiku decks
Creative pitches
You followed us on Pinterest–and I love your work
Get myself a job!
Use it at my monthly mobile group sessions
Promote open education & Creative Commons
It will be great to have it for android too
use for marketing project
I’m on WINDOWS… show me some love.
Promote Haiku Deck in staff development workshops
a tweet
I am a teacher who wants more than power point
I am a teacher interested in using it with student
I give teacher Professional Development workshops
You we’re featured on Mashable
Haiku/buuteeq partnership
because Haiku Deck is awesome!!!
EASILY add my own pics stored on DropBox!
make my sermons more engaging
As a preacher
Create pitch deck
Get students to not be bored in my class!
Quickly build slides for meetings and discussions
I present internationally at conferences 🙂
Be able to share ideas in a fun and creative way.
Technical Training for Realtors
Do more with Haikudeck and integrate into efforts
Steve PEHA
Read about you in INC. magazine
Have attended Haiku Deck talks at Edcamps
Business Plans
use in research
will be using @ a high growth startup
Create Decks interchangeably on iPad or desktop
Train end-users in real estate to use Haiku Deck
I love it!
use off my macbook air
waiting for the web app
I’m an early user
Saw you present at buuteeq! Want to make content!
I train teachers on presentation design
to try haiku deck for presentations
from a brother who used haiku deck in his talk
Love it!
Gostaria que a minha apres. do tcc seja diferente.
I use Haiku Deck mainly for running meetings!
make abstract concepts visually engaging and fun
the sky is the limit!
To Pitch my business
teach students to make engaging presentations
Recommend Haiku Deck to Educators
Colleague recommended it.
Create discussion starters for class
use in an job interview
Family Fun/Creative Outlet
let my students make them
I’m writing an article about its use
I don’t feel like I’m doing real work on my iPad!
Potentially interested in working for you guys!
Loved all the sharing you did for me/PLAYDATE L.A.
The app is currently not available in my country
present in our Kids Teaching Kids project
slider on my portfolio website
Get teachers on board with the app
A professor
PPT fails to engage people
I have a TEDxSFU talk in Sept and want to use HD
New idea to provide our speakers.
Real Estate marketing!
the ingenuity of Adam Tratt
Twitter ed mentions & ISTE
Andrea Meyer
Present Yourself book by Kit Seeborg
Learn how the product works
reading about it on Twitter
I am unalterably attracted to beauty and simplicity
Technology coordinator researching apps
very persuasive CEO
Send presentations to students
Bunch of coworkers use HD at Zillow. Jealous.
Support our PlaydateLA sponsor
learn alternate platforms to ipad
Use HaikuDeck to brainstorm with my mktg clients
I often present on a book I’m writing.
I will launch the best business accelerator in BRZ
Include Haiku Deck in Poynter’s dig. tools catalog
New Leaders requirement
use to illustrate book talks
create a deck to present a new business venture
for homework
Want presentation alternatives for my company
on my Android divice.
Love cool new tools.
all that it has to offer!
Very popular with #etmoocers.
I love the app on my ipad3 & I want try it on mac
steve peha and I are working on a presentation together
Professional development for teachers
perhaps as a visual resume
An email from you
Would like to test it out for use on websites
Need inspiration & new ideas – collaboration!
show teachers how to use it
Mentioned by Nancy Duarte and Garr Reynolds
Don’t own an ipad and I’ve been excited about it!
Need for Android

What’s your reason? Let us know!

Operation SXSW: Visual Storytelling and Pitch Advice

SXSW or Bust!

SXSW: The perfect confluence of innovation, inspiration, and sheer creative energy. In short, exactly where we want to be.

We’ve submitted three SXSW proposals that are now open for public voting and comment in the SXSW Panelpicker. If any look like sessions you ‘d want to hear, we’d be (as always) incredibly grateful for your support. (Once you create an account — it’s pretty painless — you can vote once for as many sessions as you like, through September 6.)

1. Unlocking Inspiration Through Visual Storytelling (SXSW Interactive)

More and more, we communicate visually. Every day, people share hundreds of millions of images through Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. As Nick Bilton of the NY Times put it, “Photos, once slices of a moment in the past — sunsets, meetings with friends, the family vacation — are fast becoming an entirely new type of dialogue.”

Since Haiku Deck launched, we have served up millions of images and analyzed what people are searching for, and which images they’re choosing to illustrate those concepts. Our recent partnership with Getty Images deepened our understanding of how people communicate meaning through images.

In this collaborative session, we’ll do a deep dive on the data to investigate what stories people are telling and which images they’re choosing. We’ll then explore techniques and strategies for pushing visual storytelling further, going beyond the literal and the expected to unlock deeper meaning and more powerful visual communication.

Unlocking Inspiration for Visual Storytelling – Created with Haiku Deck, presentation software that inspires


  • Catherine Carr, VP Marketing and Chief Inspiration Officer, Haiku Deck
  • Andrew Delaney, Director of Creative Content, Getty Images

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Haiku Deck, Getty Images Partner to Bring More Beauty to Presentations

Press Release

Updated iPad Presentation App Introduces Premium Imagery, Powerful Storytelling Features

Seattle, WA — June 4, 2013 — Haiku Deck, in its continued quest to transform presentation creation and sharing, announced today an expanded library of stunning, high-quality imagery through a new partnership with Getty Images, through its Thinkstock offering. Getty Images, the leading provider of digital media worldwide, will make more than a million premium images seamlessly available for purchase within the free Haiku Deck iPad app.

Haiku Deck + Getty Images Bring More Beauty to Presentations

Haiku Deck, proclaimed the “Instagram for pitch decks” by Mashable, launched in August 2012 and has topped charts in productivity in 50+ markets around the world. The app’s focus on empowering people to easily create beautiful, image-rich presentations has inspired a passionate global community of creative communicators from a wide range of disciplines. A central feature of Haiku Deck is its powerful, integrated Creative Commons image search, and today’s update–which brings professionally curated premium imagery into the mix–opens up exciting new possibilities for visual storytelling.

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Introducing Haiku Deck 2.1

Haiku Deck 2.1

We’ve been hard at work making Haiku Deck an even more powerful tool for communication and storytelling. Here’s a quick tour of what’s new in Haiku Deck 2.1:

In-App Public Notes

Our Haiku How-To: Notes Overview video on Vimeo.

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Surprise Pizza: Customer Support, Haiku Deck Style

This awesome tweet got our Friday off to a perfect start:

Maybe the sunshine was making us feel a little giddy, but we thought, wow, wouldn’t it be AMAZING if we tracked Heather down and DELIVERED A PIZZA to her?

This brainstorm quickly gathered momentum around the office, so we did a little Twitter recon to discover that Heather was attending a conference in Boston and that she was planning a happy hour meetup at a downtown brewery. Perfect!

Lisa, our awesome customer evangelist, made all the arrangements. She called the brewery, then she researched a nearby pizza place that had gotten great reviews on Yelp. She placed the order. Everything appeared to be falling into place. At the appointed time, we watched our Twitter feed with anticipation.

Unfortunately, our surprise didn’t quite work out as planned. The pizza guy showed up to a packed bar, and the person Lisa had made the arrangements with was nowhere to be found. Heather was on a tour of the brewery. We called the brewery, but were told no outside food was allowed. By the time we got a manager to agree to hold Heather’s pizzas for her in the kitchen, the delivery guy had left–with the pizzas {cue sad trombone}.

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Haiku Deck Raises $3 Million in Series A Funding

Trilogy, Madrona Venture Group, Founders Co-op, and Angels Back Early Leader in Mobile Productivity

Series A Funding Announced

SEATTLE, WA–(April 3, 2013) – Haiku Deck, a Seattle-based company that aims to transform presentation creation and sharing, announced today that it has secured $3 million in Series A funding. The investment was led by Trilogy Partnership with participation from Madrona Venture Group, Founders Co-op, tech entrepreneur Sarah Leary, and other angel investors.

Haiku Deck launched its iPad app to broad acclaim in August 2012 and has ranked #1 in productivity in 36 markets around the world. Last month Haiku Deck released version 2.0, with a powerful new set of business-focused features and functionality.

“We’ve gone from zero to half a million customers in just a few months, so it’s clear that Haiku Deck’s simple, fun approach to creating beautiful presentations is resonating,” said co-founder and CEO, Adam Tratt. “As mobile devices continue to change the way people work, we see a huge opportunity in helping everyone create the kind of presentation that used to require a design professional.”

Haiku Deck Series A Funding: Sample chart showing Top 5 Industries Using iPads

Sample Haiku Deck chart illustrating iPad penetration by industry (source: Citrix)

Haiku Deck, hailed as the Instagram for Pitch Decks by Mashable, is gaining traction as a powerful, time-saving tool for traditional presentations and new formats including tablet-centric pitch decks, creative communication pieces, and rich content for blogs. Its innovative Creative Commons image search addresses a common pain point of finding and properly attributing free, high-quality images.

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Announcing Haiku Deck 2.0!

After many weeks of hard work and at least 8 times that many afternoon trips to the neighborhood coffee shop, Haiku Deck 2.0 is now available in iTunes!

Yes, we’ve released updates in the past, but this is a big one, and it’s packed with all kinds of awesome new stuff! It’s like Christmas, New Year’s, and a disco-ball dance party all in one.

What’s New In Haiku Deck 2.0

What’s New in Haiku Deck 2.0 – Created with Haiku Deck, presentation software that inspires

For all the details, read more about:

But really, what we MOST want you to do is download or update Haiku Deck 2.0 TODAY, try it out, send us your feedback, rate and review it, tell your friends about it, and set your story free!


Team Haiku Deck













Charts and Graphs Made Easy with Haiku Deck

Custom Charts and Graphs

One of the most exciting features in Haiku Deck is the ability to create your own charts and graphs, right in the app. Like everything we do, we worked hard to make it simple, beautiful, and fun. That’s right…fun! No linked spreadsheets, no fussy formatting, no complicated formulas–just magical drag-to-edit and tap controls. Seriously, it’s actually fun.

Here’s a Haiku Deck that includes all three kinds of charts you can create in the app: bar charts, pie charts, and stat charts. Below this example, details on how to use our awesome charts and graphs.

Why Work at Haiku Deck? – Created with Haiku Deck, presentation software that inspires Continue reading

Presentation Images to Order: In-App Resizing

Resizing Images

One of the most magical features of Haiku Deck is the built-in image search, which puts millions of beautiful, free (yes, free!), high-quality presentation images at your fingertips. And of course, you can also snap or import your own photos for a personal touch. Our selection of professionally designed text layouts make it easy to position your header and subheader lines so that your text doesn’t cover up the graffiti tag or vintage Phillies ball cap that perfectly illustrates your point, but when you just need more control, in Haiku Deck for iPhone and iPad you can crop and reposition your images, right from the app.

How to Crop and Resize Images

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Presentation Ideas: Lists the Haiku Deck Way

Haiku Deck Lists

We remain big believers in limiting the amount of text in your presentations and focusing on one idea per slide, but we’ve heard from many of you that sometimes you need just a bit more to work with. And so….to expand the possibilities for presentation ideas and inspiration, Haiku Deck for iPad and our Web App includes the ability to add simple, beautiful bulleted or numbered lists, like this one.

Presentation Ideas: Short, simple lists using Haiku Deck

Haiku Deck for iPad: Sample Bulleted List

True to form, we’ve designed these new layouts to help you keep your message focused and bring your ideas to life with beautiful imagery, if you choose.

Click “more” for a step-by-step how-to.

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